Adapt, reuse and reinvent designer Philippe Starck’s ‘Toy Chair’ by Italian manufacturer Driade in teams of 2 people.

The collaborative aim of this project was to adapt Phillipe Starke’s existing chair from what could now be regarded as a mundane, factory-made, plastic chair into an exciting sculptural piece. My partner, Helen Mackenzie, and I decided that the best way to contrast this was to make a replica of this chair out of wood. We felt that the juxtaposition of these two chairs would be an interesting image to give the viewer where there is a subtle contrast between the two. We decided that plywood was a good material to use as it is relatively easy to manipulate and helped to add to the handmade, natural character of the replicated chair.

To reiterate the idea of creating more interest within the replicated chair, we decided the chair should appear as if it is exploding, however, this was later amended with the descriptive words of fragmenting or shattering which were better narratives of what we sought to create.

It was an emotionally difficult task to start sawing up the chair after we had spent so much time into making it, however, we persevered. We felt that the imagery of the chair breaking up and seemingly starting to drift away was a powerful visual which commiserates the loss of handmade items in today’s society. We wanted to point out that handmade items have flaws which factory made items do not, however, this does not make them any less beautiful and as a result have individual personalities. This also relates to society’s view on beauty as a whole.

Final Presentation.

Helen and Rachel

SketchUp models.

Initial card models.

Paper models - scale 1:5

scale 1:5

Creating the wooden replica in the workshop.

Experimentation of final design ideas.

Final installation close ups.

Final installation enhanced with Photoshop.


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