L’atelier de la Danse

Take the form of the garden shed, re-design and re-imagine it for a new use. Allow that new interior use to influence the exterior forms.

Dancing is a much loved past time of mine and is an activity which I use to de-stress. With this in mind, the theme for my shed is dancing. I wanted to create a space to allow dancers to express feeling in dance. The design I have created accommodates most types of dancing, although, this shed in particular may be used specifically for Ballet.  I looked in particular to the shapes of Ballet dancers and their costumes for the composition of my designs. My aim was to create a shed which incorporates movement into the design either literally or in the use of structure.

Many dance styles incorporate dancing with another person. Another partnership idea I considered as an interesting concept is the act of practice and performance, both are fundamental in dance training. I wondered if I could create a space for both men and women who could use it as both a performance and practice space. I used the experience of practicing, performing and being an audience member when designing the studio.

Initial kappa board modelling experiments.

SketchUp Models.

Final kappa model progression.

Finished final kappa board model.


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