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“The space is the internal street-scape in the north end of DJCAD, Level 5, Matthew Building. It’s one area that sees tremendous foot-fall from across the university but a zone that fails to convey the distinctive identity of an Art School. Create spaces that encourage border crossing encounters between disciplines to meet and share ideas.”

DJCAD is in need of a space which encourages students to connect with each other and the wider world.

By redesigning in a way that is sensitive to the history of the original building, floor 5 of the Matthew Building in DJCAD could be transformed into a vibrant social space, unlocking the potential for cross disciplinary exchanges.

The role of an art school is to train students in a way which enables them to challenge the norm. Artists and designers work against the daily grind, they distort the grid, they cross borders. As a place to escape constraints, the aim of this space is to give the users a chance to recharge and to feel uplifted.


Movement tracking within the space.

The grid is used in this design to address connectivity. In this space, students are encouraged to break and distort the grid. By simply engaging with the space, they physically alter the grid landscape, the building itself is structured with an invisible to the eye grid. Another way in which the space engages with this theme, is through the contemporary issue of the use of technology and its effect on socialising. Artists and designers are encouraged to utilise both face to face and ‘invisible’ communication to networking to their advantage.

This space allows and encourages these aspects of communication and allows a space to create new connections.






Presentation space


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