Global Service Jam – WaterLog


“The Global Service Jam is a non-profit volunteer activity organised by an informal network of service design afficinados, who all share a common passion for growing the field of service design and customer experience.”

Team WaterLog:

 We’re making a SPLASH in environmental tracking!


Team WaterLog focused their Service Jam project on developing an idea for an environmental tracking app.

This app will allow user to log consumption of water and other environmental resources.

A users consumption of say, a banana would log 170 liters of water, as this is the total amount of water used in the life cycle of a single banana.

The app would contain a database of ‘life cycle water consumption’ values for a wide range of other foods, goods and services (for example, utilities and travel).


WaterLog Stop Animation Video


Rachel Goodwin
Malebo Matlala
Nicholas Ingram
Harris Aslam
Grant Campbell
Piers Duplock



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